U.S.-Asia Relation

U.S.-Asia Relation

U.S.-Southeast Asia trade relation has entered an age of disruption, according to CSIS think tank.
Indeed, ever since President Trump came into office, the U.S. is no longer a predictable trading
partner for Southeast Asia. However, the region has been one of the most fast-growing markets
and a main exporting partner for the U.S. economy. The trade relationship is mutually critical for
both sides.

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U.S.-Asia Relation
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1. Three trade strategies that can be used by specific Southeast Asian countries. For example, in
Vietnam and Taiwan. An interesting perspective of doing only a few countries is that we can
do some comparisons. The readers then will be able to see common points and differences in
addressing a common problem.
2. With the context of U.S. 2020 election, we can also focus on what foreign policy and
economic strategy changes will be for one country, for example, Taiwan. Alternatively, we
can see why a SEAsian country supports the new Biden administration more while the other
SEAsian country like Trump, for example, India, from the perspective of diplomacy, foreign
policy, and economic development.
The title is flexible. These are only some of my thoughts. Of course, if you have any better ideas
that can make the essay more interesting and more organized, feel free to discuss with me at any
time. You are allowed to name a new title, but make sure to give me a heads up if you want to do
a different topic regarding to U.S.-Asia relations (like if you do not want to do a topic related to
trade and election).
You will have the choices of doing an analytical assessment, research paper, or a policy
memorandum. No matter which one you choose, the paper should be written with your best
writing ability. No sloppy writing. Everything has to be formal, including wordings and

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