Voter Suppression

  • Types of Voter Suppression.

    REVIEW: Visit the link here for a list of forms of voter suppression published by The Voting Rights Alliance.  review the list and pick two forms of voter suppression that are of interest or concern to you. You may choose forms of voter suppression that have been covered in the assigned readings or you may choose others. Take some time and search online, reading different articles and watching different videos to understand what these forms of voter suppression are, how they affect the voter and what has been done or suggested to address that issue.

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    This exercise is intended for you to do some of our own exploration on the types of voter suppression and/or intimidation.

    Once you have an understanding of the two forms of voter suppression you chose, in your own words described to us in the post, using examples from your sources and tell us what these two forms are and why you chose them and what has been done or suggested to resolve these forms of suppression.

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