Types of Intelligence

Understand the different types of Intelligence Identify the most dominant intelligence for well known international figures Instructions: Let’s review the definition of each type of Intelligence: Linguistic intelligence: The ability to read, write, and communicate with words. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: The ability to reason and calculate, to think things through in a logical, systematic manner. Visual-Spatial Intelligence: The ability to think in pictures, or visualize a future result. To imagine things in your mind’s eye. You use it when you have a sense of direction, when you navigate or draw. Musical Intelligence: The ability to make or compose music, to sing well, or understand and appreciate music. To keep rhythm.


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Types of Intelligence
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Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: The ability to use your body skillfully to solve problems, create products or present ideas and emotions. Interpersonal (Social) Intelligence: The ability to work effectively with others, to relate to other people, and display empathy and understanding, to notice their motivations and goals. Intrapersonal Intelligence: The ability for self-analysis and reflection–to be able to quietly contemplate and assess one’s accomplishments, to make plans and set goals, the capacity to know oneself. Naturalist Intelligence: The ability to recognize flora and fauna, to make other consequential distinctions in the natural world and to use this ability productively. Existential Intelligence: The ability to use collective values and intuition to understand others and the world around them. Consider the following well-known names (you may look them up online if you are not familiar):William Shakespeare Michael Jordan Mozart Albert Einstein Picasso Gandhi Charles Darwin For each of these people, Identify THE MOST OBVIOUS type of intelligence they have. Once you have matched each name with their intelligence, Now I would like you to list the 9 type of intelligence and suggest a career or occupation that you think would be a good fit.