Truth Is Subjectivity

According to Kierkegaard, spiritual truth cannot be taught by logical argu- ment; truth must be experienced. In the realm of religion, the more logical we are in our attempt to understand God, the less we comprehend him. Believing in God is a “leap of faith,” a choosing to believe in the absence of any factual, objective information. God, who is unlimited and eternal, cannot be explained, understood, or proved logi- cally. He must be taken on faith, and that is a very personal, subjective choice. Attempting to under- stand Jesus objectively reveals a number of para- doxes. Christ is both God and man; he is eternal truth existing in finite time; he lived almost 2,000 critic of the established church for its worldliness and its insistence on the acceptance of prescribed dogma. He said that the most meaningful rela- tionship with God was a purely personal one that was arrived at through an individual’s free choice, not one whose nature and content were dictated by the church.

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Truth Is Subjectivity
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