Translating and Distilling Data Into Community Knowledge

Take a critical piece of data, research, or government report. Distil the data/research into three of the four following forms:

• A two page explanation that your grandmother or 14 year old niece could understand easily

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Translating and Distilling Data Into Community Knowledge
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• • Instagram meme.

•• A letter to the editor

• •A poster for mass distro

Examples: [Suggested topic for this assignment]




• ••MMIWG Inquiry

•• Any inquiry into the death of someone in custody

•• Street Census

•• Housing data

Your mark will be based on considerations, including:

• ••The fluency with which your produced material represents the issue at hand. Is the content factually correct, does it communicate a factual message?

• ••The efficacy with which the chosen medium is used to communicate your message. This evaluation will consider questions like how well does the chosen medium and content ‘speak’ to the identified community/audience. How clearly and effectively laid out is this information. Does the production make the best use of the chosen medium.

••• Considerations will also be made for how well your work contributes to existing movements on that issue. If it detracts, reasons for which will need to be obvious.

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