TQM Contributors Practice

In this week’s readings, you learned about the major contributors to the development of total quality management (TQM). Some of the methods that each developed are more suited to one application versus  another. Select three contributors from the list shown here whose TQM methods could be readily applied to the daily business and medical operations of a medical center or hospital.

· Philip Crosby.

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TQM Contributors Practice
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· Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

· Armand Feigenbaum.

· Dr. Joseph M. Juran.

· Prof. Kaoru Ishikawa.

· Genichi Taguchi.

· Musaaki Imai.

In a Word document:

1. Describe two of the contributions to the development of TQM for each of the three individuals you selected.

1. Apply each of the contributions to a specific situation in the operations of a medical center or hospital. Include examples from both the medical and business operations to illustrate the use of TQM.