Torture Devices

• Iron Maiden: A wood coffin with spikes on the inside door. Once a person is placed in the coffin and the door is shut, the spikes will stab the person to death. One particu- larly brutal feature was the two spikes placed at eye level that would stab the indi- vidual’s eyes.

• Burned or Boiled Alive: Being burned or boiled alive were common methods used for hundreds of years. Historians indicate that boiling was frequently used in Europe and Germany from the 1300s to the 16th century. Boiling typically involved being dunked into boiling liquid. Others were tied down and placed in vats that were then brought to a boil slowly.

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Torture Devices
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• Rack: The individual would be tied by each ankle and wrist to a wooden wheel or axle. When the axles were turned, the individual would be stretched four ways. The individ- ual would eventually be pulled apart limb from limb.