Topic: Sustainability

Task Description:
Sustainability is a combination of population size and consumption of resources per person.  In this discussion, we will work as a class to understand sustainability as it applies to our lives.  Here is what you need to do.

For your main post (due by Friday)

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Topic: Sustainability
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  1. Select one of the three Term Options, and view the associated video
  2. Summarize what you learned about your selected term in a detailed paragraph.
  3. Use one of the following calculators to determine your individual footprint:
  4. Compare your values to the set of national averages from the calculator you used:
    • If you chose the Ecological Footprint calculator, compare your values to these national averages:
      • Ecological Footprint = 8.1 gha
        • Food = 2.0 gha
        • Shelter = 0.3 gha
        • Mobility = 3.5 gha
        • Goods = 0.8 gha
        • Services = 1.5 gha
    • If you chose the Carbon Footprint calculator, compare your values to these national averages:
      • Carbon Footprint = 66,810 lbs
        • Home Energy = 43,076 lbs
        • Transportation = 20,968 lbs
        • Waste = 2,766 lbs
  5. In a detailed paragraph answer these questions using the results of your footprint calculation:
    • What would the impact be if each person in the world had the same footprint as you?
    • In what areas are your footprint values less than the national average?
    • In what areas are your footprint values greater than the national average?
    • Were these results surprising to you?  Why or why not?
  6. In a detailed paragraph, describe three ways you can reduce your footprint; which of these changes would be easiest, which would be hardest, and why.

Grading Criteria Table: Use this table as a checklist while you work on this assignment.

Unit 3 Discussion Project Grading Criteria Max Points
Summarizes what was learned about selected term 20
Identifies ecological or carbon footprint using the appropriate scale and relates to national average 5
Identifies ecological impact if each person had the same footprint as student and describes how and why student’s footprint was or was not surprising 15
Describes three ways the student can reduce his/her footprint, discussing which strategy is easier and hardest to apply and why. 15
Provides 2 follow-up responses to peers who wrote on a different topic 5
Peer responses encourage further conversation 10
Uses proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar to write clearly and effectively. 5
Total: 75



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