Topic: process of implementation of VAR into premier league and issues with it

This assignment requires you to conduct and write about a research project based on a topic of your choice. Your topic should be related to your studies and agreed with your supervisor.  There should be an attempt to answer the research question posed (by the student). It should incorporate an in-depth critical review of the related academic literature and recommendations as to a practical implementation of a solution to the identified research problem. Detailed assessment criteria can be found in the following section.

Your Report should be structured in a way that includes all of the following sections. A document expanding on the requirements of each section is located on Moodle:

  • Title Page
    • Signed Declaration of Originality
    • Ethical Approval Certificate
    • Acknowledgements
    • Abstract
    • Contents Page
    • List of Tables/Figures
  • Introduction, Research Question(s) and Aims and Objectives
    • Context/background, rationale, research questions, aims and objectives.
  • Literature Review
    • Coverage of previous studies on this subject, gaps in the literature, theories and concepts.
  • Methods and Ethical Issues
    • How did you collect data? Why did you do it this way? How reliable is the data? What ethical issues existed?
  • Analysis, Findings and Discussion
    • Could be split into two chapters: results, then discussion. Results: clearly presented, trends identified. Discussion: what do your results mean? What are the implications? How do results relate to the literature? 
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
    • Have the research questions been answered? Were aims and objectives met? Recommendations should be practical and academic.
  • References
    • Appendices

Important – Word Limits

Please note that the sections in italics must be included, but do not count towards the word limit of 8000 words. Appendices are not marked but may be added to support your work.  Further guidance on the word limit is included below.