Topic: Foreign direct investment in an emerging market

Selected 1 country: China / India
Words: 3000
Need APA reference

  • The arguments may include the below sections on Foreign Direct Investment.
  • Need to follow the below 6 items
  1. Global overview of FDI.
    2.The introduction of FDI include theory. Theories need to explain FDI.
    Theories: Internalisation theory, OLI, Resource-based view of the firm, Uppsala Process Model,
    Regionalisation theory, The LLL (Linkage, leverage, learning) Framework (Can refer to lecture)
    (Prefer use Internalisation theory, OLI, and other base on above)
  2. The importance of FDI, Overall benefit of FDI to the selected country.
  3. The performance of FDI, macro environment analysis of the selected country,
  4. External factor that can affect the Foreign Direct Investment. The PESTEL model will be used
  5. Effect on FDI. Effect on Economic growth, social and political environment.
    Useful keywords for Google search
  6. Economic Dynamism in the Asia Pacific by Thompson
  7. Emarketer
  8. Knoema
  9. Internet society
  10. Mackinsay Emerging markets (EM)
  11. Mackinsay Global Institute
  12. Deutsche bank EM
  13. Accenture EM
  14. Pew research, Public opinion
  15. Statista com
  16. Hong Kong TDC emerging market research
  17. Bloomberg
  18. Heritage Foundations
  19. ASEAN economic outlook
  20. Global Innovation index
  21. Marsh and Maplecroft, Poltical risk
  22. AOI, Political risk map
  23. Transparency international, Corruption perception index.
  24. Trading economics
  25. World Bank
  26. World economic forum
  27. CIA
  28. Human Development report, United Nations.
  29. MSCI emerging market stock price index
  30. Atlas media
  31. Proquest (Academic journals for FDI in EM, and internationalism)