Topic: Does CRM Work? A Discussion of CRM Training Programs

CRM started out as a concept that some pilots and aviation professionals resisted with great
enthusiasm. Only when the techniques were put into practice, and the results were seen in
aviation incidents and accidents, did the aviation industry begin to accept and embrace the
CRM concept. Eventually, the same basic concept of CRM has spread to other areas of the
aviation industry such as maintenance. The name was changed slightly to make it more
appealing to aviation professionals who were not part of the flight crew (Maintenance
Resource Management), but the concepts of teamwork, communication, and cooperation
remained the same.
Research some literature on various training programs being offered by different companies
in the aviation industry and provide a summary of the basic principles behind those programs.
(You do not have to limit your research to aviation in this case).
• Do they work?
• Are they effective?
• Have they improved communication and teamwork in the intended areas? (flight deck,
maintenance, etc.)
Provide at least three scholarly sources to support your research. Submit your paper using
APA format.

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Topic: Does CRM Work? A Discussion of CRM Training Programs
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