Topic: Annotated Webliography

  • You should choose some topic that deals with some aspect of world history to 1500. This covers a broad area so you can use your imagination. For example, you could cover Egyptian Agriculture, medieval weaponry, or Roman aqueducts to name a few.


  • Provide a complete citation for the site, including the URL and your date of accessNote that the required citation style is Chicago Manual of Style.



  • Plagiarism will result in an investigation of your paper for a possible violation of the university’s academic integrity policy. Read the website and do your own summary. You may not use the websites from the sample. Additionally, the sample assignment is meant as a guideline as to what an ‘A’ paper is and is not intended to be a ‘perfect’ assignment.


  • This assignment requires students to review websites pertaining to a particular topic. Websites will be evaluated for content, accuracy, bias, relevance, and significance to your chosen topic.



  • There is a great deal of information available on the internet and you can do a lot of research from your computer. However, not everything on the web is acceptable for academic research. This assignment will help you evaluate sites that you find on the free web. Evaluate web resources to help determine whether the contents are of high quality and acceptable for use in a college-level history research paper. For this assignment, you will search for five (5) websites that are acceptable for use in a college-level history research pape Any journal databases, Wikipedia, or any other encyclopedia or wiki-type site like are NOT acceptable.


  • Additionally, sites that require a subscription are NOT acceptable. Write a paragraph for each website (five total approximately 200-250 words each) in which you describe the contents of each website in detail, and why you think the site is acceptable for use in an academic research paper, using the information you collected from your evaluation of the site.


  • For profit, commercialized sites that sell advertisements
  • Private web resources where you can find nothing substantive about the author or the political philosophy or the private funding source
  • The History Channel or any A&E Television materials
  • or the Independence Hall Association (for profit)
  •  it is a commercialized site that “uses” information from accredited sources.  Go to the UMGC Library and ask the Librarian to help you find the relevant Oxford Companion to Historyseries.
  •  See above.  It sells ads and “uses” information from other sources.
  •  not professional; commercialized;
  •  a commercialized site;
  •  sells magazines;
  • YouTube, “home-made videos.”  If the video comes from a scholarly source, it is acceptable.
  • Alpha History.

Sometimes people confuse a web address with being the same as a website. This is not the case. Articles from journals or websites are NOT websites.  Make sure you are clear as to what a website is. For example,,, or are websites. Any article contained within them are not websites.


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