Topic: A Study into Different Approaches to Pressure Vessel Design

A. Final Report (60%)

  1. Reflection on the Interim project proposal: The Final Report should include
    corrected and/or improved Initial Project Proposal as per the critical feedback from
    your supervisor. This will reflect the final changes that have been made as the
    project progressed. At this stage you should have revised all the previous chapters as
    per the project finalisation. (20%)
  2. Project Progress (Analysis, discussion and Conclusion):
    a. Critical Analysis and discussion: The analysis of data can be done using
    numerous techniques or methods (i.e. graphical analysis, statistical analysis,
    etc.). It is often best to start this section with a re-statement of the problem
    before discussing how the results affect existing knowledge of the subject.
    The detailed analysis of your finding must be supported by evidences. Any
    deficiencies in the research design should be mentioned, with suggestions
    about different approaches which might have been more appropriate.
    Implication for improvement of practice, if any, should also be drawn out.
    b. Conclusion and Future Recommendation: The main conclusions of the
    project should be summarised here briefly and simply. Only conclusions that
    can be justifiably drawn from the findings should be made. This section
    should enable readers to understand clearly what has been done and the
    conclusions that have been drawn from the evidence provided. The
    conclusions should relate to the aims and objectives stated at the beginning
    of the project. Any recommendations should describe a course of action to
    deal with the issue under investigation and should be based on the
    conclusions reached. (10%)
  3. Project Format: You will already be following the report structure in your initial and
    interim reports. The final report will be the continuation of the same structure but in
    more detail and cohesive manner. (10%)
    The final structure should have the following:
    a. Title page
    b. Acknowledgements and Thanks
    c. Abstract
    d. Table of Contents
    e. List of Tables
    f. List of Figures
    g. Notation
    h. Chapters
    i. Introduction chapter
    ii. Literature Review chapter
    iii. Methodology
    iv. Experimental Procedure chapter
    Sensitivity: Internal
    v. Analysis and Discussion chapter
    vi. Conclusions and Recommendations chapter
    i. References
    j. Bibliography
    k. Appendix
  4. Citing and Referencing: You are expected to compile and write a formal project
    report, using an appropriate writing style, format and Harvard referencing. Failing to
    comply with these requirements will have an adverse effect on your marks. Full
    information on the correct format for references can be found on the University
    website and also in the Study Materials folder on UDO. (10%)
    The assignment will need to be approximately 12000-15000 words in length and submitted
    electronically using the university’s electronic submission system.