Title: Short and Long term effects of Example-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning on Enhancing Cognitive Load Among STEM students

1-Field/Focus area of the research paper is/ “Educational psychology”.
2-Writing Style/ APA 7th edition or at least APA 6th edition with U.S writer style.
3-A advanced knowledge/ like applying the educational and psychological theories on students/schools/universities…
4-Experimental design/ or at least quasi experimental study, I tend to experimental and control groups.
5-Not descriptive or exploratory study.
6-Mixed Method approach (different methodological approaches) for questions and hypothesis or at least quantitative.
7-Advanced statistical analysis/ for answering hypothesis /with raw data file.
7-Strong and lasting impacts for /the study on the broader fields of education and psychology.
8- For sample size, I prefer at least 350 participants.
9-The paper title is not fixed (100 %) as I assumed, but at the same time the changes are very limited, like replacing the sentence “Short and Long term effects” with
” A longitudinal study” or “Meta-analytic review” or “Forward effect”.
10-Strong and long-lasting significance of the contribution to the area of learning /instruction/education.

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