Title: Explain the role of endosymbiosis in the development of eukaryotic cells

This assessment will be done as an in-class seen essay during the appropriate allocated time and teaching week.  You will have 1 hour to write the essay on the above topic.

General points to consider

  • The essay must be hand written and printed on paper supplied in legible hand writing.  You must ensure that you have pen’s (bring more than one!), pencils, rubber, and a ruler.  The pencil, rubber and ruler are for diagrams.
  • You are encouraged to use appropriate diagrams but these must be referred to in text correctly and titled appropriately.
  • SpellingIncorrect spelling impairs a reader’s understanding of an essay and gives a poor impression of the writer’s attention to detail.  Ensure you have learnt how to spell key words before this assessment.
  • Your tutorial leader will be first marking your work so it is essential that you direct any questions regarding the coursework to your tutor during the scheduled time.
  • You will be expected to include an essay plan (on the first page or inside cover) during the assessment period.
  • A general essay plan is shown in the document.  It is by no mean a definitive essay plan for this assessment but merely a guide.
  • Your essay will be marked alongside the generic assessment criterion which is shown in this document.  Ensure you are familiar with it.
  • You have various sessions scheduled in your timetable to guide with the coursework and to elaborate on the points here.  Please check your personal timetable, weekly programme for the module (available on WebLearn) and WebLearn for details.