Time Management

Part of reaching goals also refers to our ability to manage our time. This is also part of emotional

intelligence, specifically, self-management—the ability to understand what needs to be done and

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Time Management
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appropriately allot time to achieve our goals. Time management refers to how well we use the time we

are given. In order to meet our goals, we must become proficient at managing time. Common tips include

the following:

• Learning how to prioritize. Develop the skills of making sure the most important things are done first

(even if they are less fun).

• Avoid multitasking. Focus on one task and finish it before moving on.

• Don’t get distracted—for example, with e-mails, text messages, or other communications—while

working. Set time aside to check these things.

• Make to-do lists. These lists can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Organizing in this way will help you

keep track of tasks and deadlines.