Threats and the Referent

How do threats and the referent (or subject) of protection in human security diverge from traditional security studies? Why is human trafficking considered a human security threat? How does traditional security’s immigration policy response exacerbate human trafficking and differ from a human security approach? What are the consequences of attaching the Trafficking Protocol to the UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime?


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Threats and the Referent
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What are the consequences of the traditional security approach’s overemphasis on targeting organized crime? What are the three common global prostitution policy responses to human trafficking? What are the dangers of governments and law enforcement using a prosecution- focused approach and tactics such as anti-prostitution/trafficking sting operations? The focus on debating, legislating, and enforcing laws on prostitution consumes much of the attention, time and effort, resources, and funds that could be put to better use, how? What are some of the shortcomings of a traditional security approach and the added value of human security approach to addressing human trafficking? What are some of the human security policy recommendations for addressing human trafficking?