Threat Assessment and Management

Threat Assessment and Management Threat assessment, a term that originated in law enforcement, is a strategy to prevent violence targeted at public figures and other people who are threatened by someone. The term “behavioral threat assessment” is sometimes used to distinguish this approach from a more general security assessment. Over time, the meaning of the term has evolved. Most important, threat assessment is no longer considered a single assessment, but rather an ongoing assessment process with interventions designed to prevent violence.

A threat assessment team within a business or school is a multidisciplinary group that includes rep- resentatives from security and law enforcement, behavioral health care, human resources, legal and management, among others (see more about threat assessment teams in the section “Mass Violence in Schools,” which follows). The threat assessment model recognizes that violence is a multi-deter- mined phenomenon, arising from the interaction of three sets of variables: static and dynamic individual

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Threat Assessment and Management
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factors, static and dynamic environmental factors and situational factors or triggers