Third World Cinema

Question # 1, Section A, is compulsory.

Choose one more question from Section B.

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Third World Cinema
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Keep your answers clear, concise and analytical.

Address your responses to the specific demands of each question.

Limit your answers to 4 (double-spaced, 12-pitch font) pages per question. *Illustrate your answers with pertinent references, and cite key sources consulted.




No haphazard submission of papers or excuses for late papers would be accepted.

Your answer script must include the questions chosen, your name, and be submitted in PDF. QUESTIONS: SECTION A

1) Distinguishing between the terms, ‘Third World’ Cinema and Third Cinema, discuss the aims and context of the latter’s emergence, and its significance for the study of global cinema cultures. SECTION B

2) Examine, with attention to each film’s context, the interplay between culture, community, taboos and relationships in shaping the narrative trajectories of The Salesman and Masaan.

3) Discuss how the exchanges between personal and national histories shape the political and allegorical inflections of The Cemetery of Splendor and The Great Kilapy.

4) With reference to the film’s aesthetic strategies and key characters, analyze how the themes of identity, family, anxieties, loss and trauma undergird the narrative dynamics of The Photograph

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