Theory Practice and Research

Week 1 Discussion Forum

What are the basic types and purposes of theory in relation to theory practice and research?

This is the instructor explaying the week forum

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Theory Practice and Research
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Hi class-

So this prompt is asking for your thoughts regarding:

The four basic types of theory:

Descriptive theories do not explain the relationship of how and why abstract ideas related, it only provides an observation and description of the situation. Examples of the descriptive theory are literature reviews and case studies

Explanatory theories relate abstract ideas to one another and it explains how and why the ideas are related. Cause and effect is also part of this theory. A good example of this theory is spiritually based nursing practice in which nursing students were surveyed on awareness and how they applied spirituality in their practice.

Predictive theories predict exact relationships between abstract ideas, when ideas are related and stated the statements that are related are able to describe future outcomes every single time, just like an experiment.

Prescriptive theory is one that recommend activities to achieve the defined goals .It consists of plans that call for a change and it also predicts the effects of nursing interventions.

Research validates the theory, and theory sets the guidelines of practice. Through research we are able to make changes to the theory and collect evidenced based practice.