Theory -Based Family Intervention

Please watch the video
Provide a brief summary of the clients and the presenting problem. Indicate the start and stop times for the transcribed segment at the beginning of the transcript.


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Theory -Based Family Intervention
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Create a two-column table, with the transcript on the left and your explanation on the right. Be sure they line up with each other in your final draft. You do not have to explain each therapist speaking turn. Instead, you can sample interactions that demonstrate a certain skill. Your total transcript segment should be at least 5 minutes. Beyond this minimum, length is not important to your grade – what matters is your ability to analyze the purpose behind the intervention.
Your final section should demonstrate your ability to critically evaluate this approach to family work based on the knowledge you can gather from the textbook and the interviews that precede and follow the demonstration. You will need to watch the entire video to accomplish this task.


watch video : a demonstration of Solution-Focused Family Therapy along with an interview with the expert, Insoo Kim Berg.
Transcribe a 5- to 15-minute segment from the video that demonstrates at least three of the following skills:
enacting, and
For each therapist intervention, identify the relevant skill(s), explain why it is a good example, and describe the impact it may have on the family’s goals.
Write two to three paragraphs explaining:
what you find effective about this theoretical approach to family work, at least one limitation that approach has, and how this approach may or may not address the role of the larger ecosystem. Please make sure you provide the following:
1] Summary of Problem: The family’s demographic composition, including relevant cultural data, is described along with presenting concerns.
2] Analysis of Interventions: There are at least three family work interventions correctly identified, with explanations for why these are good examples, and analysis of how these interventions may help this family.
3] Evaluation of Theory : The strengths and limitations of this approach to family work are evaluated, including how well this approach addresses the positive and negative impact of the larger ecosystem.
Citations no more than 5 years old please use Permalink for all ciations used.

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