Theoretical Perspectives and Delinquency

Theoretical Perspectives and Delinquency

There are many perspectives used to explain juvenile delinquency. One such perspective, the psychodynamic theory, suggests delinquent behavior is rooted in both social experiences and individual characteristics. The routine activities theory suggests that delinquency is the result of criminal opportunities present to would-be offenders.

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Theoretical Perspectives and Delinquency
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On the basis of the given information, answer the following questions:

  • Is delinquency learned, or is it just a part of one’s genetic makeup?
  • Should juveniles be treated for their delinquent behaviors, or should they be punished?
  • Do you think juvenile delinquent theories can be applied to all behaviors of juveniles?
  • How would you apply psychodynamic theory and routine activities theory to delinquent acts, such as shoplifting and burglary?

Justify your answers with reasons and examples.

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