The University of the Future

In class we talked about continuously changing work environments and how organizations and employees are challenged by that. The main reason for those changes is the same for all organizations – they want to improve and stay competitive. That also applies to universities like Ohio State. They need change to continue to attract many new, excellent students and to be recognized as one of the best universities in the country. Thus, it is important for OSU to understand what and how to change to be successful in the future.

As experienced students, you are experts in higher education and new media. Describe how a university like OSU can look like in 30 years. You need to use at least 1 good quality source about future developments/improvements/needs in higher education (especially for part 2 of this assignment).

Describe which of the existing elements (organizational or technological ones) you would still use but improve to serve academic life even better (describe 4: at least 2 organizational, not only technological).

Explain 4 new developments (organizational and technological) that will propel OSU and higher education as a whole into the next century.

Explain how students of the year 2050 will be different to students like you in 2020 to succeed at “OSU-2050”. It may help to consider that maybe your kids will study at OSU or a similar university at that time.

Note: Be creative but stick to those things that you think can be realized in the future. To work on that exercise you should first think about the key elements of today’s University which significantly drive the success of studying and teaching.

The paper needs to be at least 1 1/2 pages long and needs to include one quality source about the future of higher education. Don’t forget to comment on the paper of another student. The deadlines are the same as always.