Essay Requirements:
1. MLA format
2. 3 complete pages
3. Three sources. Book reviews are a great way to get information regarding the meaning behind the book. If you have less than three sources, your essay will earn a zero.
4. Four quote minimum. (writer could access my kindle account to read, but it would require me to approve the access.) please let me know when you will be accessing the book, so it could be easier for me to approve, and give you the account name and password)
5. Works Cited page. If missing, your essay will not get graded.


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It’s time to explore the world of The Transmigration of Bodies. In this novel, we are presented with a pandemic, family rivalry, suspicion of violence, actual violence, and unexpected revelations. For this essay, I want you to discuss how this novel is an exploration of the violence that plagues Mexico today. What does the pandemic represent in the context of two feuding families? Do the families represent the citizens of Mexico and the government? Or do they represent the government and the Drug Cartel? What about the Redeemer, the fixer, what is his role in the representation of Mexico? What does it mean that he got beat up? These are just a few examples of the symbols that you can use. There is a lot to choose from in this novel to help you write about how this novel symbolizes the violence and instability in Mexico. Review my Professor’s Notes Powerpoint Ch. 4-5. It will help you get started.

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