The Tort of Negligence

Explain how the tort of negligence could be applied to the registered nurse/clinical nurse involved in this case.
Outline the elements which would need to be proved in order to advance a successful claim for negligence.
In the event that the Coroner decided to refer the Doctors and Nurses involved in the case to the regulating authority, what clinical situation may give rise to this situation. There is also the potential that a civil case could be made against the parties involved. Conditions of negligence would need to be met for a court case to be successful. Using the registered or clinical nurses as an example, outline the elements that would need to be demonstrated in order to substantiate a claim of negligence.
a. Use reading and additional references to assist your critique (at least three)
b. Approx. 500 words (flexible – the overall assign is 2000 words)
Assignment Section Three: Ethical Issues
Section 3: Ethical Analysis. In addition to the legal aspects of the case there are a number of ethical issues that could be discussed in relation to the care provided and the testimonies discussed when caring for a resident in a residential care facility.

NUR3020 Assignment 1: Application of Law and Ethics Modules Contents Objectives: Assignment one: 1

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The Tort of Negligence
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Using examples from the actions of the of the assistant in nursing, enrolled nurse and registered nurse, critique their behaviour using principles of ethics and considering the resident’s rights whilst in residential care. Utilize published academic texts and literature pertaining to ethical principles to assist your critique.
a. Use reading and additional references to assist your critique
b. Approx. 400 words (flexible – the overall assign is 2000 words)

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