The Tense Individual survey

Table of Contents


The purpose of this laboratory session is to determine whether you are a tense individual.


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The Tense Individual survey
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Read each question listed below and check the answer that describes you most often, then have a friend answer the question to reflect how he or she perceives you.


Yes No


___ ___ 1. Do you often experience headaches or backaches?


___ ___ 2. When sitting in a chair and talking to someone, do you continually move in the

chair seeking a comfortable position?


___ ___ 3. When retiring for the right, are you usually unable to fall asleep immediately?


___ ___ 4. Do you often grind your teeth when you are confronted with an unpleasant



___ ___ 5. Do you easily become angry or frustrated when you are faced with a problem

for which there is no immediate solution?


___ ___ 6. Do you often complain of being tired?


___ ___ 7. Does your face often hold expressions of intense concentration?


___ ___ 8. Do you often drum your fingers to express irritation?


___ ___ 9. Does your posture appear stiff when you sit or walk?


___ ___ 10. Are you unable to concentrate on one problem at a time?


___ ___ 11. Are you unable to relax voluntarily?


___ ___ 12. Do you often experience nervousness and an uneasy feeling?


___ ___ 13. Do you become upset when your plans are interrupted or must be changed?


___ ___ 14. Are you highly competitive in sports, test grades, and daily responsibilities?


Lab 7 (Continued)


___ ___ 15. Are you time-conscious?


___ ___ 16. Do you experience extreme dissatisfaction and anxiety when you fail to

achieve success?


___ ___ 17. Are you an aggressive person?


___ ___ 18. Are you often too busy to allow time for physical activity?


___ ___ 19. Do you plan your day’s activities and often budget your time?


___ ___ 20. Are you critical of yourself when you make a mistake?


___ ___ 21. Do you feel uptight at the end of the day?


___ ___ 22. Are you impatient when others are late for an appointment with you?


___ ___ 23. Do you often set high goals or levels of achievement for yourself?


___ ___ 24. Do you experience bad moods very often?


___ ___ 25. Are you unyielding when others disagree with your beliefs or convictions?