The Structure of Semco

Read the attached file then answer the following questions:

  • How is Semco structured (in terms of centralization, formalization, and complexity)?
  • What responsibilities do managers have at Semco?
  • What motivates employees at Semco to work hard?(Keep in mind that people might LIKE a company that “manages without managers,” but that doesn’t mean they’d be motivated to work hard.)If you look closely, you should see that Taylor and Semler have used some similar techniques for motivating workers—even though there clearly are differences in their styles.write down at least THREE things that Semco does that help make sure people are doing what needs to be done and/or that they will do it well.
  • In what ways has Semler’s approach changed the nature of work for the workers?
  • Unlike Taylorism, Semler’s approach has not caught on with managers, despite some very visible publicity (such as the article in Harvard Business Review that you are reading).What do you think managers might find unattractive about this system of management?
  • What do you think might be satisfying to workers about Semler’s approach?
  • How do Taylor and Semler differ in their beliefs about human nature?
  • In what ways have you seen approaches like those used at Semco implemented in organizations where you’ve worked?
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The Structure of Semco
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