The solar energy market in Finland

Research questions you suggested are:


  1. Which communications and marketing strategies would be the most efficient to create customer awareness in the Finnish solar power market?
  2. What is the potential of Finland´s solar energy market?


First part: The theoretical framework could include those questions and maybe as background couple of pages: Possibilities and challenges of using solar energy in Finland. Or those possibilities and challenges included in the questions 1 and 2.


Second part: Methods (eg. Intro, case company or questionnaire to several companies, research method, interview guide, data collection, data analysis).

This second part need to be strong! Academic!


Third part: results, discussion, recommendation…


If there is going to be a questionnaire, I prefer an e-mail questionnaire.

And I have to send it!


The thesis must be written so, that the theoretical part is ready and the methods part is almost ready, but waiting for the answers from the questionnaire.


Maybe I can write the discussion and results …. If not, I´ll need some help for these 3-5 pages in the end of the thesis. The whole thesis can be 30-40 pages long, I prefer 30 and we already have the first 7 pages. I´m paying you to write 20 pages more.


The situation with solar energy in Finland:


After corona spring there has not been many private households ordering solar energy. The situation is understandable, maybe already next year there will be a growth in orders, but at the moment solar power is kind of a luxury product for private households.


In Finland for example big retail stores invest now in solar energy, even this spring (like Wallmart years ago in USA?). One example is S-market with its own energy company, S-Voima who competes for the work of solar power plants every year. This year the work is ordered from Oomi Oy, a company owned by 7 different electricity companies. All the big energy companies are the real players in the market! All of them also import panels from China. I don´t believe that a small or middle size company selling the panels of their own or with own import can really compete in these markets. Maybe with new innovations, new better panels, better batteries etc. but those innovations are usually soon available to all.


Some companies have got an investment ban at the moment, maybe companies with export and unsure future, but after the Chinese panels in June at last came into to country (they should have been here already in March-April), the work and business with solar plants really started again.


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