The role of women in Muslim society

1. Go to a search engine on the internet and find the article “Madly Creative” You are what you think by John McManamy
2. Read the article and type double space, 12 font, three pages using the following as a guide.
a. The first paragraph of your paper should explain the hypothesis of the article.
b. Describe Bipolar Disorder and its symptoms.
c. What is the most popular theory in regarding the causes and symptoms of manic depression?
d. What is the most common psychotropic medication used to treat manic depression?
e. Describe the research of Nancy Andreasen.
f. Describe the theory and your thoughts regarding the effect of psychotropic medications on creativity.

Use APA format when citing the article (ex. If using an online source it should look like this Angela, E. Wagner (2010, May 5). General Format. Retrieved from http//:owl/ Include a cover sheet

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The role of women in Muslim society
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