The role of IKEA consultant

The assignment is to assume the role of IKEA consultant. Drawing on the materials and the models/frameworks/ methodologies in the reading. Write a brief (5-6 pages, double spaced) addressing the prompts indicated below.

What IKEA Do We Want?

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The role of IKEA consultant
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IKEA has engaged you as a strategy consultant to advance the company’s international competitive strategy. IKEA’s original business model–based the delivery of low-cost, self assembled, modularized furniture in big box retail stores–has proven highly successful over the past few decades. But IKEA now faces a number of shifts in the global furniture industry that challenge its traditional business model: the rise of e-commerce; advances in digital technology; demographic trends; changing customer expectations. In light of these challenges, what measures would you recommend to guide IKEA’s competitive strategy in coming years? In your answer, be sure to specify the assumptions underlying your analysis and the grounds for your recommendations.


Ability to formulate a clear and coherent argument

use reading, application of analytical models/frameworks/methodologies,

Clarity of structure and organization

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