The Regulatory Landscape

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At the different government levels, different agencies play a role. Think about your local municipality (Georgia). What regulations and agencies do you see at work? What are their influences? Then start looking higher, to the state and federal levels. More agencies? More stakeholders? What do you see as similarities that can help focus on trends? What are the differences that you want to make sure you are keeping on your radar? In the following activity, you will role-play decisions you will need to make within the regulatory framework of Georgia.

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The Regulatory Landscape
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The number of and types of regulatory agencies you will need to work with depends upon your state and local regulations and the type of cannabis space you plan to be involved.

  • Begin by viewing or listening to the presentation, The Regulatory Landscape
  • (Links to an external site.)
  • [audio, 10:22]

    to learn about regulatory agencies at both the state and national levels that you should become familiar with.

  • Taking the position of a new dispensary owner (either medical or recreational) come up with a list of agencies you will need to interact with in order to become and remain compliant.
  • Next, select one compliance rule (local regulation) in your area that might be easily construed. What are the implications?
  • Finally, consider these agencies from a different business perspective – such as a CBD oil-infused coffee shop or a cultivation and extraction facility. How do the types of regulatory agencies you need to work with change at both the local, state and federal levels? Where will you look to find the appropriate agencies? Remember to include the appropriate law enforcement agencies as well.

A place to start: The National Conference of State Legislators