The Phantom of the Opera 1925 Silent Film

The first thing to do is identify a subject you want to write about, which should be done in the form of a critical review or essay. It should not just be this week’s new hip-hop release or something ephemeral, but rather a subject you want to actually immerse in for a while, gathering writing from various eras (not just in the past few weeks) to inform your own response. You could choose something like “race and the gangster film,” “political hip hop,” “Texas modernist architecture,” or “video games and Renaissance art.” Alternately, it can be a close reading and analysis of a single film, artwork, building, theatrical or dance performance, piece of music or album, or even (using some of Ted Gioia’s suggestions) a restaurant or aspect of food culture. Be detailed in your description, and include photos, video, and links where appropriate. No matter what you discuss, you must find useful and reliable sources that you cite correctly. You must use five or more outside sources, at least two of which did not originate as web pages (i.e., books, or articles that originally appeared in print). The quality of your sources matters. You will use footnotes where appropriate and include a bibliography at the end (both following Chicago style: We will be having a visit to the library next Wednesday, March 11, to discuss research materials.

            Important to your discussion is not only that you evaluate the work but think like a critic. As Scott, Lange, Gioia and other authors we’ve read have noted, one of the keys to critical analysis is to convey your enthusiasm, especially to those who might not know the genre/field of work or who might be skeptical about it. You want to speak knowingly about it but not only in a language that will appeal to specialists and people who already know and care about the subject. Choose a language that can help open up the subject, bringing in research details as appropriate. You will need the research to help support your interpretations, so use it wisely.

            The final paper will run eight pages.

  • I wrote 3 rough draft already and please see the comment from my professor.
  • Please read 3 rough draft and write 5 pages more.

Please Include –  

  • Background/Setting of the film (1925 version): Gothic Architecture > How it relates to the horror film  
  • Film technique: Invention for film industry (please talk about 2 strip technicolor in the phantom of the opera)
  • Historical Topic/Issue: There’s a historical issue involved, please add more any historical topic or Issue ex) Please add more information about why WW1 related to Lon Chaney (more articles about Lon Chaney)
  • Public opinion about film
  • Scene Analysis: Important points/critique from the scene for audiences, purpose of the scene
  • Compare & Contrast: Different version to compare between silent movie version in 1925 and the novel (What the film is doing which musical or novel doesn’t do)
  • Silent film-what is silent film for? Please include – silent era /literature journal  

Also, Universal was known for its monster movies. How does this compare with the other ones–like the other silent ones.