The Perspective of Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples

The United States of America and much of the western world are often heralded as inclusive melting-pot societies. But throughout this course, we will explore how lands have been colonized and how people have been differentially included to fill particular labor niches and demands, thus contributing to settler colonialism and racial capitalism.

For this first letter entry, use assigned readings and class lectures to write a letter (addressed to whomever you’d like) or journal entry of at least 300 words from the perspective of Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples.

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The Perspective of Native Americans/Indigenous Peoples
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Be sure to include the following:

  • Describe what it might have been like to be a Native or Indigenous person in what we now understand as the “United States” (limit this perspective to the time period between 1400s and 1800s)
    • Include examples of colonial treatment
    • Include examples of resistance enacted by the Native people
  • Check rubric for other specific expectations re: media, intersectional perspectives, etc.
    • FYI: Artifact can be a photograph of people, an image of a map, an image of a ceramic bowl, a website, etc. etc. “Artifact” is just a more inclusive term.