The organizational behavior theories and concepts

For this milestone, your team will begin drafting the company consulting report for your final project. This report should communicate your findings the way you would present them to the company that hired your team to analyze their organizational dilemma and recommend solutions.
Before you begin drafting your team’s report, consider reading the following optional resources about report writing. These are very general guides, written for a consulting company to use when working with a client. Consider some of these general tips as you prepare to write your report draft in this hypothetical situation acting as a consulting team for the purpose of the final project.
● Report Writing for Consultants
● 7 Tips for Writing a Client Report


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The organizational behavior theories and concepts
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Your group’s report draft will apply the organizational behavior theories and concepts you have explored thus far in the course to the company dilemma/situation your group has been assigned. Recall that the goal of organizational behavior is to leave the company better than how you found it. This can mean many different things, but in particular, your consulting team should focus on effectiveness and efficiency.
Specifically, you must include the following critical elements in your team’s draft:
● Summarize the organizational dilemma presented in the company snapshot
● Identify what you think might be going on in your hypothesis statement
● Analyze the employee data provided by the instructor to arrive at a decision at what is happening
Note: For the final project, you will need to expand on this draft by developing a plan for improvement, explaining why you chose that plan, and explaining the desired outcomes once it has been implemented and the change has gained traction.

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