The need for Manufacturing in the UK

Manufacturing has always been and continues to be an essential aspect of the UK economy. There is a need for the continued functioning of the manufacturing sector since it comes with many benefits to the economy and therefore has the potential to revitalize the economy (Christophersonson, 2013).  Manufacturing contributes significantly to the Gross Domestic Product of the UK. The industry has also been an opportunity for UK citizens to get highly skilled job opportunities. The industry also offers attractive remuneration better than most other industries. In 2011, employment in the sector paid 10% more than other comparable opportunities (Lapthorne, Walport, & Cable, 2013). The manufacturing sector also contributes to a significant portion of the UK exports. In 2012, the UK exports that came from the industry were 53%. In 2011, the proportion rose to 60%. These exports included the services of experts in the sector. As an industrial nation, the UK directly benefits from car imports and exports that take place throughout the year.

Manufacturing plays a significant role in research and development in the UK economy.  Businesses in the industry take the R& D function seriously since their progress relies on the continuous pursuit of better quality products and efficient methods of doing things. In 2011, 41% of manufacturing firms dedicated their resources to R&D compared to only 23% of businesses in…….

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