The Moral Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

The moral case for why businesses should actively promote the betterment of society and act in a manner that benefits all of the company’s stakeholders boils down to a basic concept – It is the right thing to do.

Core Concept

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The Moral Case for Corporate Social Responsibility
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Every action a company takes can be interpreted as a statement of what the company stands for.

The Business Case for Socially Responsible Behavior

There are several reasons why the exercise of social responsibility is good business:

· It generates internal benefits particularly as concerns employee recruiting, workforce retention, and training costs

· It reduces the risk of reputation-damaging incidents and can lead to increased buyer patronage

· It is in the best interest of shareholders

Core Concept

The higher the public profile of a company or brand, the greater scrutiny of its activities and the higher the potential for it to become a target for pressure group action.

Core Concept

There is little hard evidence indicating shareholders are disadvantaged in any meaningful or substantive way by a company’s actions to be socially responsible.