The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Online Collections

You are to choose any two items from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online collections of MESOPOTAMIAN, EGYPTIAN, GREEK, ROMAN, or ETRUSCAN arts and research them/compare them in a written statement of 5 to 7 pages long. **Make sure the objects you choose are within these categories/timelines only.**


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The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Online Collections
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Go to



Click on “Art” in the top bar and then open “The Met Collection”

This will bring you to a search tool where you can enter the category(s) of your choice. Be aware that there are literally thousands of choices, so you should pick something that literally piques your interest.

PAPER PROMPT: Choose two pieces from any of the categories mentioned above; they can each be the same category (which is probably simpler) or one each from a different category. Do a formal analysis of each object, thoroughly describing its appearance and iconography. Then research the object type and include any cultural, historical, economic or social information about each object in your paper. In your conclusion, explain why you chose these two objects and what drew you to them.

You do not need a thesis statement.

The grading rubric and Writing checklist must be submitted with your paper as front matter.


Formatting requirements are as follows: your paper should be in 12 point font. It needs regular margins, a title page, page numbers, Chicago-style footnotes, and a Chicago-style bibliography. Please see the grading rubric for more details.

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