The marriage of virgin

Identify the title (in italics), medium, artist, and the museum in which you saw it.

2. Briefly describe the subject matter (but not the content). Describe what is seen in the work; not what the work makes you feel.

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The marriage of virgin
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3. Classify the work as: representational, abstract or non-representational and write one line to explain your choice.

4. List 3 Elements of Art* (1.1-1.5) which are the most prominent in the work.

For each element, write two line which describes it. Where do you see it? What adjectives could you use? Is there a specific term that you could use to name that element.

Example: One element that is the most prominent is color. The colors used most are green and red with some yellow. The green and yellow are very vivid but the red is very dark.

5. List 2 Principles of Art* (1.6-1.9) which are most obviously being used to organize the composition.

For each principle, write two line which describes it and how it is being used? How is the principle related to the elements you have identified? Also, note that these formal /visual qualities do not include any historical information or information about the meaning or content of this work of art. These will NOT be included in this assignment
No sources only analysis the art work

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