The topics included provide a guideline on what can be included in the final plan. Do remember
that it is not enough to simply write a few sentences on each section. Your recommendations for
actions regarding each section, your answer to each topic area must include a detailed discussion
of the reasoning behind said discussion. Be sure to draw on what you have learned in the previous
analysis sections of this project (cultural, economic, and market analysis)
I. The marketing plan
A. Marketing Objectives

  1. Target market
  2. Expected sales in the first few years
  3. Market penetration and coverage
  4. Profit expectations
    B. Product adaptation or modification
    Remember Standardization versus Adaptation of the Marketing Mix is one of the core
    questions that an international marketer must answer as they enter a new, foreign market. For
    all sections where you are discussing the Marketing Mix, be sure to point out the degrees of
    adaptation that have occurred (and if they have not, then point out the standardized approach
    too). It is important to make sure your Marketing Plan document not only lists what
    approaches you recommend taking, but why you recommend said approach. (For example –
    of you say that some adaptation needs to be made to the product, point out what you
    recommend that. Did we see evidence as to why this approach is needed, in one of the earlier
    analysis sections of the project? If so, discuss in detail).
    C. Promotional Mix
    D. Sales promotions
    E. Distribution: from origin to destination
    F. Price determination
    G. Methods of payment
  5. cash in advance
  6. open accounts
  7. letters of credit
    II. Pro forma financial statements and budgets
    A. Marketing Budget
  8. selling expense
  9. Advertising/Promotions costs
  10. Product Costs
  11. Other costs
    B. Pro Forma Annual Profit & Loss Statement (first year and fifth year)
    III. Resource requirements
    A. Finances
    B. Personnel
    C. Production Capacity
    IV. Executive Summary

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