The Limitations of an Integrative Approach

There are some drawbacks to encouraging the development of an integrative model, as opposed to sticking primarily with one theory. An undisciplined eclectic approach can be an excuse for failing to develop a sound rationale for systematically adhering to certain concepts and to the techniques that are extensions of them. If counselors merely pick and choose according to whims, it is likely that what they select will be a reflection of their biases and preconceived ideas. It is important to avoid the trap of emerging with a hodgepodge of unamalgamated theories thrown hastily together.

“What treatment, by whom, is the most effective for this individual with that specific problem, and under what set of circumstances?” Regardless of what model clinicians may be working with, they must decide what techniques, procedures, or intervention methods to utilize, when to use them, and with which clients.

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The Limitations of an Integrative Approach
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