The Integrative Review

  1. Read the integrative review and answer the following questions . This should be no longer than 1 to 1.5 pages single spaced, 11-12 point font.
    1. What was the primary concept of interest?
    2. In your opinion, did the authors make a strong case for the importance of examining this concept and for their review of literature in general?
    3. In your opinion, did the authors present their literature search strategy in such a way that it could be replicated?
    4. How is the review both similar to and different from the systematic review of the literature your read for the last class?
    5. Comment on whether or not you were able to identify the following in the Results and, if so, provide an example of each:
      1. trends & patterns
      2. themes
      3. debates & conflicts
      4. pivotal publications
      5. gaps in the literature
      6. Do you think the authors drew connections and relationships among their sources in the Results? Why or why not?


    6. Include one in-text citation for every body paragraph
    7. No plagiarism & No Course Hero
    8. Scholarly sources published within the last five years, so between 2017-2021
    9. Please be sure to include an introduction with a clear thesis statement and conclusion