The Immigration of Schools In The 1960s

My essay is about the immigration of schools in the 1960’s. In the 1960’s many European kids were favored/racial segregation in schools etc. The education system biasness and the overall 1960s education school system. I will upload 2 progress reports on how you should write the paper. You can also use the sources from the progress report or you can find others.


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The Immigration of Schools In The 1960s
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Instructions: Research and write a 10 page paper on your subject area as it applies to your decade (1960’s). For example, if the subject area you chose was racial equality, and your decade is the 60s, you would write about the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s: (My subject area is immigration of schools only in the 1960s) Why then? What were the issues? Who were the major players? What was accomplished? How? Etc. Be sure to document your essay carefully using the format we have adopted. You will need in-text citations and a Works Cited page.

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