The Hospital at Home Movement

This is an assignment I am working on to delve into how hospital care is changing through transitioning into the home setting to provide equity care to chronically-ill patients determined eligible for acute home care. I would like to seek second opinion to compare my paper to what other experts in the field will have done different.

This paper will focus of hospital at home by Reviewing the following report by McKinsey – to an external site.

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The Hospital at Home Movement
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The Hospital at Home movement is drastically reshaping healthcare, lowering the walls of the hospital and placing patients at home with significant monitoring in place virtually.  In 4-6 pages typed and double spaced (using 3-5 additional citations APA format outside of the McKinsey report) Write good historical background of emerging hospital at home, Abstract, Introduction, body and a conclusion. You must address the following questions:

1. What are the advantages of the Hospital at Home movement? (see exhibit 2 and expand)

2. What are the challenges presented by the Hospital at Home approach? (see exhibit 2 and expand)

3.  How does the Hospital at Home movement fit within accountable and value based care concepts?

4.  What concerns do you have around shifting several of the services outlined in Exhibit 4 into the home setting?