The Gospel According to Isaiah

The student is then to write a 1500-1800 word analysis on the identity of the Servant of the Lord in the book of Isaiah based on the reading of The Gospel According to Isaiah 53 by Darrell L. Bock and Mitch Glaser. This analysis should focus on the following issues: the identity of the corporate Servant in Isaiah and its mission, the identity of the individual Servant in Isaiah and his mission, the relationship between the corporate and individual Servant, the relationship between the Messiah and the Servant in Isaiah, key passages and interpretive issues related to the Servant in Isaiah (and what the book has contributed to your understanding of these issues), and the comparison/contrast between how the Servant is portrayed and identified in Isaiah and in the New Testament. Your analysis is not expected to cover all of these issues, but these are the main ones to consider. Highlight the things that you understand to be most important in explaining Isaiah’s teaching on the Servant of the Lord. Develop key passages that are important to this issue and interact with the details of the book. You can use other sources for this assignment as well, but please footnote citations and sources using current Turabian footnoting when necessary (including citations of the assigned text). Keep quotes to a minimum, especially extended ones (and cite/summarize biblical passages rather than giving long quotations). Your explanation and development of the issues should be apparent. Your paper will be graded on how well you have explained your view of the Servant in light of Scripture and the details of the textbook. Use headings to mark off the major sections of the paper (provide headings for each of the major issues you choose to address in your analysis).

Your analysis should be double-spaced and written in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1 inch margins all around. The grammar, style, and spelling should be appropriate for graduate-level work.

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The Gospel According to Isaiah
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