The forming of the nation: Australian nationalism

The forming of the nation:
Australian nationalism
• Australia was and is a country of diversity in terms of its people
• Australia was built on processes of exclusion and inclusion
• How, who and why some were and are still excluded?
• Who is part of ‘The Team Australia’? (2015)
• What were the criteria for inclusion and exclusion?
• The criteria change over time (some remain the same while others change
according to changes in immigration policies, laws, economic needs,
social attitudes and beliefs, fears, global events, wars etc.)

One of the criteria for exclusion was race
• Racism was from the beginning connected to social and cultural attitudes,
beliefs and institutional practices
• Racism and power differential (asymmetrical power relations)
• Racism is integrally linked with privilege and power
• The indigenous people
• The Terra nullius doctrine (not overturned till 1992- Mabo case)
• It was not till the referendum of 1967 that indigenous people were given
citizenship rights (90 % voted yes!)

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