The fire load density (MJ/m2

Determine The fire load density (MJ/m2

A compartment with the following data is subjected to a fire. The
compartment located in remote area is designed as office usage. The
following information is given:
 Automatic smoke alarm is provided;
 No independent water supplies are provided;
 No firefighting devices are provided;
 The office is made of concrete, ρ=2500kg/m3
; cp=980J/kgK;
 There are two ventilation openings on the walls. The dimensions
(breadth x height) are 3.6m x 1.5m for Opening 1 and 7.2m x
1.5m for Opening 2;
 The breadth x length x height of the compartment is 7m x 14m
 Use Annex E of the Eurocode 1(Part 1-2) to determine the fire
load density (MJ/m2
) incorporating appropriate factor of safety.
Plot the temperature-time curve of the compartment fire for this office.

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The fire load density (MJ/m2
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