The ethical dilemmas healthcare works are faced with on COVID patients

Submit a proposal specifying the theme and related problems to be addressed in your final term paper. The first part of the proposal should be at least three pages in length (not including references), written in professional style (complete sentences and paragraphs) and identify: the organization or industry to be profiled in the term paper the ethical problem/s to be examined in relation to this profile a preliminary analysis of the information using the ethical framework discussed in class

(This is Question #1 of the class packet – Identify how questions of principles, consequences and character are involved in your identified issue) Afterwards, you should provide a preliminary list of research materials for your analysis of the ethical problem/s. Include 1-2 pages of books, peer reviewed articles, news stories and publications from professional organizations that are relevant to the term paper. Use Google Scholar and other related services to aid your research. Start with your personal experiences as you choose and explore your topic. Unless it greatly interests and excites you, the final work will not be a true reflection of what you learned in class, and this will become a burdensome, painful process.

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The ethical dilemmas healthcare works are faced with on COVID patients
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