The effects of cognitive bias on criminal investigation

For this assessment you will write a 7000 word summary report on your agreed topic.


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The effects of cognitive bias on criminal investigation
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The dissertation process will last throughout the year. You will be expected to be continually working on this large piece of work throughout both semesters. There are 4 hours a week dedicated to this module that you should be engaging in, even if not in class time.


After submitting your research proposal, we will find you a supervisor to work with on your project. The project that you and they conduct may be a specific project for you, a project of theirs you can work to develop in your own way or perhaps part of a larger team (most likely with primary data collection projects to maximise productivity). You will have specific meetings with this supervisor and they will guide your project specifically. Exact structure advice will be given by your supervisors. However, your report dissertation should contain detail on:


  • Your research question
  • The rationale/context of your study
  • *Previous literature pertinent to your research question*
  • Your methodology (search terms/strategy for literature/systematic reviews or questions/activities and sample for primary data collection)
  • *Your results and discussion (what do your findings mean for the research question/previous work? Do you support or contradict previous assumptions?)*
  • A conclusion (rounding up your dissertation into a neat summary)


*Noted in asterisks are situations where variation may occur*. For example, a systematic review would blend the previous literature with results and discussion and a quantitative report will separate results and discussion in to two sections.


Due to the large amount of potential variation is Dissertation topic and structure, it is difficult to offer further generic advice. All assessments will be marked against the ACE criteria (see section 2.3), where Answering the Question will include further methodological detail.


Make sure to keep in contact with your supervisors during your Dissertation as they will be the most help with achieving the best mark.

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