The Effectiveness of a Treatment Program

EHS 2550

Summer 2021

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The Effectiveness of a Treatment Program
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Homework 1



For your homework 1 assignment, please complete the following and submit your work in word documents.

Part A – Worksheet
1. Attach your completed Week 1 Worksheet. (Not graded; only penalized if incomplete/missing.)

(6 points)


Part B – Practice Questions


  1. Studies are often done by pharmaceutical companies to determine the effectiveness of a treatment program. Suppose that a new AIDS antibody drug is currently under study. It is given to patients once the AIDS symptoms have revealed themselves. Of interest is the average (mean) length of time in months that patients live once they start the treatment. A researcher follows a set of 40 patients with AIDS from the start of treatment until their deaths. The researcher records the number of months that each of the 40 patients lives after starting treatment.


For each of the following, determine what the key terms refer to for researcher A. Hint: You do not need to calculate anything, but you DO need to be specific in your answers below. (5 points)


  1. a) Population


  1. b) Sample


  1. c) Parameter


  1. d) Statistic


  1. e) Variable


  1. Give 3 examples of quantitative variables (cannot use variables given in dataset or as examples in the lecture). (5 points)
  2. Give 3 examples of qualitative variables (cannot use variables given in dataset or as examples in the lecture). (5 points)
  3. Find an example of a statistic in a news article in a topic of your interest – health, sports, environment, etc.
  4. Provide a citation and link to your article. (1 point)
  5. What is the statistic in question? Write it below. (1 point)
  6. List 3 questions that you can ask about the statistic to get a better picture of what that statistic actually means. (3 points)
  7. Discuss whether you think the article is misleading or not, and explain why. (5 points)