The effect of different leadership styles on quality of care

This paperwork is part of dissertation.There are 3 research papers which i will attach, university requirement for this part of the dissertation, 2 examples of dissertation(‘Themes section’ to be looked at) and Level 6 Marking criteria, to be followed. The 3 research papers are discussing how the different leadership styles affect the quality of care in nursing. The assignment should have introduction ( about 190 words), please see hoe the introduction should be written by referring to the 2 dissertation examples.
In the main body:
1.Description of the paper ” the importance of leadership style and philosophical work environment to staff-assessed quality of care: implementation for home help services” Description include :methodology and participants, strengths and limitations.My opinion on the key facts.
2.Then the same description of the research paper ” Leadership, safety climate, and continuous quality improvement: Impact on process quality and patient safety.
3. comparison between these two papers.
4. Description of the third research paper:Authentic leadership and nurses’ voice behaviour and perceptions of care quality(Methodology and participants,strenght and limitations, my opinion on the key points.
5.Comparisson of the third paper with the two others.

6.Conclusion(about 190 words)
The university requirements for this part of the dissertation are :
Themes from the papers found:
This is a critical discussion of all the material analysed, demonstrating a synthesis of information from the range of sources accessed. The work needs to demonstrate the validity of the themes and how these relate to the evidence and to practice. This part of the project will need to be divided into sections. The number of sections will be determined by the findings of the review. Subheadings may be required. The assignment should read as one coherent piece of work, therefore, the sections should be logically ordered with a link given to conclude one section and to lead to the next.
The reader needs to be guided through the review with clear ‘signposts’ throughout, summarising issues and showing a good understanding of how all the issues raised in the review are related to one another. Discussing the findings of the care articles (papers) in order to evaluate, their individual and collective reliability and the where or how they differ from one another.

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The effect of different leadership styles on quality of care
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